Tuesday, July 14, 2009

6 months old!!!

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Brighton turned 6 months old yesterday! Happy half Birthday! He also learned a new trick yesterday. How fun??? Now, all I'll be doing is picking things up a hundred times a day. But, I gotta say, it makes me laugh, especially because he's so serious.

Also, pray for my Nanny. She's has an aortic anuerism, and she's having major surgery on it on Thursday. I know she's gonna do great, but any extra thoughts and prayers would be great!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

July 4th, Brother Fun!!!

The day we left . They took us out to Bread Co.! It is always so sad to leave, but especially now....seeing Charis (Grandma) just lights up our faces, and makes us feel so special that we know her. She is truly an amazing person. If I could pick two grandmas on the whole planet, I would pick my mom (Nana) and her.

Happy Birthday, Mom!!! Her birthday cake said, "55 and stayin' alive!"Amen to that. It was funny and literal at the same time. I hope she had a great b-day, seeing her two favorite boys!
Kaid lost one of his two front teeth at Aunt Sue's house on the 4th of July, which was Grandma's b-day! What a great memory...

He's hanging out by the hottub here. Tim and I left to go to another bbq, but Kaid definitely wanted to stay and hang out with his older cousins, Hannah, Becca, Mary Cate, Kelly, and Johnny. I missed pics of them, but we love you guys!

Here's grandpa feeding his grandbaby. This little guy is often called Charis' miracle....long story, but so true.

I love this picture!!! Kaid opened all of his presents, and got this awesome Cardinals chair from his two uncles, Tom and Terry. The boys look so cute in their 4th of July gear!

Kaid got to celebrate his b-day..........again at the Nibberich's bbq with a Transformers ice cream cake. Awesome!!! He had the best time. Somehow this kid can wrap grown men around his finger. All the twenty somethings were letting him light fireworks, and taking him to the park. They were all saying how cool this little guy is!!! Thanks T, Jim, and Dan! Kaid had a blast.

We went to Webster Groves to watch the fireworks. Brighton just sat there in awe. They didn't scare him a bit. We had the best and busiest weekend!

Here is Brighton's new best friend. This is Tim's good friend Adam's baby, Kannon Fanger. He is such a doll! They enjoyed eachother's company. Kannon is almost 9 months, and as you can see.......smaller than Brighton.

Grandma and Grandpa got Kaid so many awesome b-day gifts! They also got Brighton a little something, so he wouldn't feel left out. :) Isn't he cool???

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Just messin' around with our pics

These are just some pics I was playing around with. My sister showed me this awesome website, where you can do just about anything to your pics. Thanks, Rach, now I'm obsessed. :)