Saturday, May 30, 2009

She's on her way home!!!!!!!!!

Charis is officially on her way home! They left this morning around 11am. She's just been taking it easy, resting, and playing with the boys. I really can't believe that she is already going back home to St. Louis and is almost fully recovered. We will miss having them here so much, but we're so glad she's better. I don't know if I've ever seen a husband more in love with his wife than Tom. They are really special people. Now I know why Tim is the way he is....and his brothers. She raised them right. It was great having them here, and you could just see Charis shining through all of them. All three of them are so kindhearted, sweet, caring, and so willing to help. Throughout all of this, Charis has absolutely loved reading all the comments, so feel free to write more! We were so sad to see her go this morning, but we know that all of you in St. Louis will spoil her just as much as we have and the hospital has.
I want to thank all of my Arkansas family and friends for taking care of all the Doyle's as if they were their own family. A special thanks to MOM for keeping the boys so that I could be by Tim's side, and feeding us, and all the other numerous things she always does for us. My sister and William have been awesome, Crystal, Amber, Mindy, Nanny, Kathy, Misty, Bonita, Charity, our Church family we love you guys. Thanks for feeding 5 boys and me for a week!
I guess that's all............Charis, enjoy being home, get some rest, and get ready for company!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

She's ticking now!

Charis got to go back early, around 6:30, to have her defibrillator put in. She's out and doing fine. She's resting tonight, and the doctor said she might actually get to go home tomorrow! She has requested one thing from all of her friends..................Below is a picture of our baby, Brighton. We entered him in the STLtoday baby contest. This is the picture we used. Isn't he cute???? He takes after Charis. So, if you all could go online to and give him a vote, it would sure "Brighton" her day. He's on page 17. Hee Hee. They'll probably boot us off because we're not from St. Louis, but Tim thought he'd give it a shot because there are Cardinal baseball tickets at stake. But seriously, she's doing great thanks to everyone of you for thinking about her and praying for her. She has so much to live for, we knew it wasn't her time.

Quick Update: Charis is home at Mine and Tim's house!!!

Almost there!!!!

Yesterday, a doctor found ulcer lesions on Charis' colon. It scared her to death, with him telling her the possibilities: Colon cancer, Crohns Disease, Colitis, etc. She was very upset yesterday............but now she's smiling! The doctor came in this afternoon and said none of the biopsies were cancerous, and everything came back negative. They will eventually go away on their own. Whew! As if she needed anything else to worry about. Tim just called and informed that her defibrillator is scheduled to be put in at 9:00 tonight. If everything goes well, she'll be coming home very soon! I know that prayer had a big part to do with Charis' healing and amazing recovery. Thanks to you all. I never knew that tons of people from St. Louis would be checking out our blog, but it sure did come in handy. I know she can't wait to get home to see all of you! Thanks again!!!!!!!!!!


Valerie and Tim Doyle

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Charis had her Heart Cath earlier tonight, and it came back that there was no blockage!!!! She will be getting a defibrillator put in tomorrow afternoon. She did have her colon examined today, because she was having a few problems, and they sent a few biopsies off to be tested. She will get the results of those back tomorrow afternoon. So, if everything checks out okay, the Doctor said she might be able to leave the hospital on Thursday. Continue to keep her in your prayers, and let's all hope for good results tomorrow! Go Charis!!!

Continue the prayer

Please continue to pray for Charis. She is having a Heart Cath done tonight, which will decide what step is next. I'm getting cards in the mail, which I know that she will love. Her friends are the most amazing friends in the world. I'll have Tom take those up to her tomorrow. We've been taking Kaid and Brighton up to see her, so that lifts her spirits. If anyone ever needs anything, and doesn't want to bother them, you can always call me and Tim, or email us at I'll have more updates tomorrow once we know more. Thanks for continued thoughts and prayers, she's a really lucky gal to have all of you thinking of her.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Out of the ICU!

Charis is one big miracle. She's doing so well, that they put her in regular room today. That meant that Brighton could go visit her. Kaid was able to see her yesterday, but kids under 2 aren't allowed in the ICU. Kaid was quiet when he went in, and just stared around the room at all the gizmos and gadgets, but loved seeing his grandma. I forgot the camera, so I didn't get a picture. She felt so strong today that Tom took her to get a smoothie at the hospital coffee shop and took her outside for a little while. She could even hold Brighton and feed him his bottle. It was a wonderful day. Me, Tim, and Brighton, and Tim's dad just sat in her room talking all afternoon. She's the same ol' Charis, and we couldn't be happier. I don't even know how to explain or understand what happened on Sunday compared to today. There is such a drastic difference. It's almost like it's two different people. Losing her was a real possibility, and look at her now........she's amazing. Charis, you're my second mom and I love you so much....... we all do, and we couldn't live without you. You're family is amazing and you're friends are amazing. Your husband and sons have more love for you than could ever be explained.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Charis Update!

Tim's mom Charis has done a 180 from before. She has come off of the ventilator, and she was talking to us yesterday. What happened yesterday was something that we thought wouldn't happen for awhile. This morning, they actually sat her in a chair, and she was eating a little breakfast. Breathing is still tough for her, but she's doing great. She's really scared, but Tom is right there by her side. She was cracking jokes yesterday and definitely making us laugh. She's a fighter, and she has all her boys down here fighting for her too. I told her that she needs to get better and get out of that hospital to help me wrangle all these boys. At mine and Tim's house, its me, Tim, Tom, Terry, Tom (Tim's dad), Kaid, and Brighton. I wouldn't have it any other way. She married a wonderful man, and raised excellent sons, so it's really a breeze, we keep eachother encouraged and entertained. It's kinda fun taking care of everyone and really just getting closer as a family. People down here in Prairie Grove have been amazing. We have food coming out of our ears, but with 5 adults and Kaid I'm sure we'll get our fill. Continue to pray for Charis' recovery; I'm sure she'll be out of the hospital and back to her sassy self in no time. Amen!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Please Pray hard

Please, please, please, anyone that sees this. We need heavy prayer. My mother in Law is very, very sick, and we need prayer. She is the best mother to my husband, and the very best Grandma to my boys. She loved them all more than life itself. We need to lift her up right now and put her in God's hands for some major healing. She is loved by more people than I could ever count, and is very, very special to so many.

Monday, May 4, 2009

I like food!

Kaid and Brighton getting ready to fix some cereal!

Brighton was pumped about eating from a spoon!