Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Great Serve

This Sunday, instead of having a service, we had "The Great Serve". It was amazing! We met up at Church in our swanky new t-shirts, and divided and conquered around town. We did various clean-up and yard work for people all around PG and surrounding areas. Our motto at PGCC is Love God, Love others, Serve others. Vance wanted us to get out and really serve our community with a servant's heart for others. Lynda, our preacher's wife said there were around 400-500 people that helped with The Great Serve. Pretty cool!

Our family went to Bighouse Youth Outreach and cleaned and did some weeding. Here's Tim and Kaid working in the flower beds.
Here's another shot with the sign.

This is Rebecca who helps with Bighouse a lot. Her and her husband Chris were my youth pastors when I was in high school. I used to hold their baby all the time when he was born 10 years ago, so she's just paying me back! It is The Great Serve right? She was servicing me! Thanks Rebecca!!!!!!!!!!

Oh yeah, look at me clean!

This is Vance, our preacher. He's awesome!!!!

Here's Rach and Susan taking a little coffee break! Goofballs....

Here's Vance's wife Lynda and daughter Lindsey. They're awesome too!

Here's Mom standing around not doing anything..................

Oh wait!!!!!!! She really was working. Hee hee!!! We had a great time and it was cool to see everyone come together to serve.

Monday, April 5, 2010

After a busy day at the Farm! They were pooped!

All ten great-grandkids with the Easter Bunny!

Family photo!

Aunt Bonita always buys the kids kites. This was great, b/c it was so windy. Papa helped Brighton with his kite! Kaid was up above the barn with his crazy helicopter kite, so I didn't get an pics, but they had a great time!

The boys super early in the morning before the Church breakfast.

Brighton got Peep marshmallows all over the lens, hence the fuzzy picture, but it was such a great picture!

Brighton's first PEEP experience!!!!!!!!!

Sweet hair Kaid!!!!! He was so pumped b/c he got Super Mario Bros. for DS.