Friday, September 11, 2009

A few things going on.....

Here's Kaid and his parter/best friend/neighbor at the Labor Day parade in PG. It rained all morning, but they had a good time. He did great dancing both nights! I think he's glad that its over, though!!!

Here's a few funny pics of us at Colleen and Brian's wedding up in St. Louis. Good times! I paid Kaid $20.00 to dance with me, and DANCE he did! I wish we had video. Hee Hee!

We've got a crawler on our hands!!! He's actually been crawling since Aug. 22, to be exact, but I'm terrible at posting blogs. He's officially all over the house. Since this video, he's started pulling up on things and zooming through the house, therefore, I get nothing done all day long. But, I love it!